Ted von Bevern

For me, every image must have a purpose. There is a beauty in reality and the imperfection that comes with it. I believe that if you find a look that is right for a story, the result will be both beautiful and timeless. This is true of any art form (architecture is a good example), and this is the work I’m interested in making.

The most important thing for me as a cinematographer, is that the director and I find the specific, unique look that feels right for the story of each project. This is why my portfolio contains a variety of looks and styles. To achieve my artistic goals, I feel it’s important to have a thourough knowledge of color science and other technical aspects of the imaging process. Before getting my MFA in cinematography (AFI), I received a BS in physics (Carnegie Mellon). My technical background is what enables me to create a unique look and process from scratch to suit every story individually.